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Optimus AI Labs Opens Application for Machine Learning Hackathon

Are you ready to showcase your machine learning skills and revolutionize the energy industry?

Optimus AI Labs has opened a machine learning hackathon application to develop a prototype for an energy prediction platform capable of forecasting energy consumption, production, or prices based on historical data and other relevant factors.

The purpose of the hackathon is to leverage machine learning models to provide accurate predictions that can aid in optimizing energy distribution, reducing costs, and enhancing stakeholder decision-making processes.

Thematic Areas

The scope of the project is in 3 areas:

  • Energy Consumption Prediction: Create models to forecast the energy consumption of buildings, areas, or utilities.
  • Energy Production Forecasting: Predict the energy output from renewable sources, like wind turbines or solar panels, considering weather conditions and other environmental factors.
  • Energy Price Forecasting: Develop algorithms to predict future energy prices, helping businesses and consumers make informed decisions.

Criteria for Participation

Participants are to work individually on this hackathon

Requirement for Submission

  • A short demonstration video of the platform built
  • Link to the platform
  • Link to GitHub repository
  • A short explanation of how data was gotten and used

NB: Participants will present their solutions, demonstrating their model’s effectiveness, usability, and how it addresses the challenge and how data was used.

Judging Criteria

  • Ingenuity
  • Minimalism of errors
  • User interface and experience and other machine learning evaluation parameters

Benefits of Participation

  • Automatic internship placement for the top 2 engineers
  • Personalized mentoring by industry-leading expert
  • Opportunity to work on the most exciting AI-led projects


  • Deadline for application: April 6
  • Hacking duration: April 8-12
  • Demo day: April 15

Interested developers can fill out this form.

The 120-hour machine learning hackathon is proudly supported by Pacer Ventures, Optimus AI Academy and Optimus Digital Future.

For further enquires, get in touch via create[at]

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