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Co-founder/Managing Partner, Pacer Ventures

Ray Sharma

Meet Ray, the visionary Founder and CEO of Extreme Venture Partners, spearheading investments and mentorship for Toronto-based seed-stage startups. As the Co-founder/Managing Partner Pacer Ventures, he fuels African tech startups’ success. Ray is also at the helm of Optimus AI Labs, driving innovation in AI development.
With a track record of generating $250M in disclosed shareholder value from a $5M investment at EVP, Ray’s exits include tech giants like Google, Apple, Salesforce, Rubicon, and EA Sports. His software companies boast 500 million worldwide downloads.

A global authority in Mobile technology, Ray collaborates with media, industry conferences, and academic institutions, providing invaluable insights. His profound impact transcends borders, making him a strategic force in the tech landscape.