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Gbemi Akande Joins Optimus AI Labs Board of Directors

Gbemi Akande - Optimus AI Labs

Optimus AI Labs, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations through innovative AI solutions, today announced the appointment of Gbemi Akande to its Board of Directors.

Gbemi brings exceptional experience driving innovation and growth across the African tech landscape. Previously, Gbemi served as Head of Operations at TribalScale Venture Studios, where he played a pivotal role in designing and implementing successful startup accelerator programs.

These programs, including Elevate Toronto, DMZ Black Innovation Program, and Turn8 UAE, have demonstrably propelled budding companies towards achieving their full potential.

Gbemi brings exceptional experience fostering innovation and growth across the world. Starting from Innovation Consulting, he then expanded to the financial sector, where he managed the development of the groundbreaking Innovation across Emirates NBD.

He has played a pivotal role in designing and implementing successful venture studios and startup accelerator programs across Canada.

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These programs, including Elevate’s Ecommerce North, Canada’s first RetailTech Incubator; the DMZ Accelerator, where he helped launch Canada’s first Cybersecurity Accelerator program; and the Black Innovation Program, which pioneered the support for Black Tech Founders across Canada.

These programs have demonstrably propelled early-to-growth stage companies towards achieving their full potential. Gbemi is also the Co-Founder and Partner at Pacer Ventures, a VC firm focused on investing across Africa.

In response to Akande’s appointment, Optimus AI Labs CEO Lanre Basamta expressed his eagerness, highlighting its positive impact on the organization: “We are thrilled to welcome Gbemi Akande to our leadership team. His proven track record in driving innovation, and his deep understanding of the African tech ecosystem, align perfectly with Optimus AI Labs’ mission to revolutionize businesses through AI. We are confident that Gbemi’s leadership will be instrumental in driving Optimus AI Labs to a customer-first organization.”

Gbemi Akande shared his gratitude and vision for the future, saying: “I am honored to join Optimus AI Labs at this pivotal juncture in its journey. Optimus AI Labs is a company at the forefront of AI development in Africa, and I am excited to contribute my expertise in driving strategic growth and innovation. Together, we will leverage the power of AI to unlock unparalleled opportunities for businesses and organizations across the continent.”

Gbemi’s appointment underscores Optimus AI Labs’ commitment to driving a leadership team that embodies excellence, innovation, and a deep-seated dedication to advancing Africa’s technological journey.

About Optimus AI Labs

Optimus AI Labs is a global technology company specializing in designing, developing, deploying, and supporting scalable AI software solutions for enterprises, startups, and governmental institutions.

The company leverages cutting-edge AI technology to empower organizations across various sectors, driving innovation and achieving sustainable growth.

For more information about Optimus AI Labs and its Board of Directors, please visit Optimus AI.

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