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Reality Check: How AI Quietly Shapes Your Daily Convenience


“What’s my business with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Those robots or flying cars only exist in Sci-fi movies! This is the real world, nothing of such exists!”

Do these statements appear familiar? Don’t be surprised to hear such from educated fellows. Let’s for assumption’s sake, these fellows believe in the reality of AI, but they view it as a technology that is seen from afar.

According to these people, AI has no impact whatsoever on their activities and their existence with AI is like the parallel lines that never meet. How shocking can this be?

Do you need to go to the depths of the ocean or deep space before you realize that AI is no longer Sci-fi, the technology is not just here, but in influencing daily activities?

A great concept of technology’s progress over the years is how it makes life easy for humans. Humans desire convenience at any point, and they can go to any length to acquire it. You want answers to your questions at a go, you need to make quick decisions when online, and you keep on getting your most preferred choices of foods, movies etc.

These are not random chances, they are deliberate suggestions you act upon. All these are ways AI is influencing our daily lives by bringing us convenience. AI is shaping the way we live, work, and play.

We all want convenience in our lives, and AI is almost directly influencing it. AI provides us with convenience by automating tasks, simplifying processes, and enhancing experiences.

Are you still that fellow who believes AI isn’t influencing your convenience, let’s touch down on everyday examples you may have not given cognizance of

AI Assistants

Can you recall how many times you have used your Google Maps for directions or used Google Assistant for voice command, language translation, entertainment or shopping? This is already AI at play, no need to go looking for robots!

You have used your phone reminder for important dates and you depend on this assistant to update you with the latest news. Your tasks are made easy, convenient at your fingertips powered by AI. Are you still in doubt about AI’s influence?


Your online transaction failed in the middle of the night and you probably didn’t have to wait till morning during business hours before you sought out the issue.

You simply contacted chatbots to troubleshoot the problem, and even guide you through complex processes. These are AI-powered chatbots that offer you a 24/7 Customer Service. Less frustration and faster solution. All bringing convenience.

Recommendation Systems

Have you ever scrolled through endless options on a streaming service, unsure of what to watch? Recommendation systems, powered by AI, come to the rescue!

These clever algorithms analyze your past choices and preferences to suggest movies, music, or even online shopping items that you’ll likely enjoy.

This is just the beginning of how AI is shaping or rather influencing your daily activities. AI is silently making your life a breeze!

So, the next time you effortlessly book a ride home with a tap on your phone, or discover a new favorite song thanks to a recommendation, remember – AI is somewhere in the background!

Stay tuned for our next post, where we explore how AI is impacting another fascinating aspect of our lives!

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